What Our Customers Say

Cheyenne Miniatures was created with the customer in mind. Our store offers great resin 3d printed wargaming miniatures and accessories. We take pride in our dedication to you, our customers, and are thrilled to present some of our Customers feedback below.

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I really love the print, and the service I received from here was beyond what I expected, although I altered the order after the sell he advised me on any extra need that might come up and let me know it might be a bit delayed communication with the seller was exilent.


Excellent sculptures with crisp detail. Looking forward to painting these and getting them on the table.

These figures are stupendous. The casting is crisp and the figures are sturdy. With having separate heads and arms you can customize the figures. Facial expressions are varied and full of character Because the printing is so clear, there are no mould lines or flash to clean up and the figures paint up easily because of the crisp detail. I highly recommend these figures in whatever scale you choose. You won't be disappointed!

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